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    Why buy new when used will do....
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    Why buy new wenn used will do...

Welcome to WTRADING

Dear visitor, dear customer,
Due to personal circumstances, we are forced to discontinue the trade in used parts and will only continue with the purchase and sale of used forklift and warehouse equipment.
We would like to thank you for your trust in our company. 


Current used trucks and spare parts

E16L-02 EVO 386 3150mm
Linde E16L-02 EVO 386 3150mm Electric 3-wheel forklift www.wtrading.nl more info
Electric 3-wheel forklift
Com-Nr. 9679
Price: on request
GDP35VX F2445
Yale GDP35VX F2445 Diesel Forklift www.wtrading.nl more info
Diesel Forklift
Com-Nr. 9678
Price: on request
Used battery charger Hawker 8TSE#02090 24V 90A Hawker 8TSE#02090  24V 90A Charger www.wtrading.nl more info
8TSE#02090 24V 90A
Com-Nr. 9677
Used battery charger MICOMP 80V 140A 5P32/160A *Sonstige Micomp light 80V140A Charger www.wtrading.nl more info
Micomp light 80V140A
Com-Nr. 9676